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Executive Advisors identifies sources of staff resistance and guide leaders to understand and manage tensions, and other business advice. To find more, visit

In today's unpredictable and disruptive times, leaders encounter increasingly complex challenges. Effective senior leaders navigate the organization through the disruption adeptly balancing their organization's current capabilities while simultaneously propelling innovation and adaptation. In this capacity, the CEO and executive team function as corporate architects. 

Yet, even when implementing new ideas, leaders must be aware of the emotional and organizational impact of change on their stakeholders. Our coaches guide leaders to identify the fears, resistance, and motivations of their people to build a culture of inclusion and collaboration.


As experts in human behavior and motivation, our consultants identify sources of staff resistance, promote considering different viewpoints, and guide leaders to understand and manage tensions as they design the organization's future directions. Our coaching has a positive effect on leaders' change readiness, flexibility and ability to promote understanding and adoption of change by others. 

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