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As a management consultant, Tom Drucker has specialized in providing services to business, both domestically and abroad, which are committed to growth and enhancing their performance. These client engagements are generally focused on increasing some fundamental business measure or quantifiable business-related goals. Tom studied at the University of Vienna with Dr. Victor Frankl, received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from UCLA, and graduate degrees in Psychology and Business, both from UCLA.

Tom began consulting after studying with Abraham Maslow and working with a variety of corporations, including Proctor and Gamble, TRW Systems, Hughes Aircraft, Xerox and Bank of America, in the areas of innovation, productivity improvement and management effectiveness. This early experience in applying the principals of self-actualization continues to shape and focus Tom's work on leadership skills, strategy development, communication, and the planning and execution of innovation and change efforts. All are focused on teaching people to express their fullest capacities.

Tom founded Consultants in Corporate Innovation after spending 15 years as a senior executive in Human Resources at Xerox Corporation. His experience at Xerox provided Tom with a global business perspective and refined his personal skills in leadership and management. He has developed unique methods for coaching successful leaders as they grow their organizations. He is also very proud to apply these same business tools to nonprofit organizations and community institutions like schools, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies. Tom is an avid bicyclist, photographer, scuba diver, and artist.

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