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Dr. Florence Kaslow is a board-certified psychologist and business advisor. Dr. Kaslow consults nationally and internationally to businesses, mental health and social agencies, educational institutions, and law firms.


Florence Kaslow has established criteria to develop competencies and systems to evaluate individuals and groups. She has formulated these processes with executives and staffs in corporations, family businesses, and medical and legal organizations. 


Dr. Kaslow is Adjunct Professor of Medical Psychology at Duke University Medical School, visiting professor of psychology, Florida Institute of Technology and was director of their post-doctoral residency program, consulted to the U.S. Navy, Dept of Psychiatry, residency training programs, taught at Hahneman Medical School in Philadelphia, and was a visiting lecturer in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She trains and supervisors professionals throughout the world and gives many workshops internationally each year.


She has been elected to numerous offices in state, national and international psychological associations. She currently serves on the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association, is the past president of the Divisions of International Psychology, Family Psychology, and Media Psychology. She was a member of the Committee on International Relations and Psychology of the APA.


Dr. Florence Kaslow has been honored throughout her career with numerous awards including the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Distinguished Contribution to Applied Psychology Award, the APA’s Citation for International Advancement of Psychology in Practice, Certificate of appreciation for “Meritorious and Dedicated Service” by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Distinguished Service and Outstanding Contribution Award by the American Board of Professional Psychology, the Outstanding Achievement and Accomplishment in Media and Professional Psychology by the Div. of Media Psychology of the APA, and many, many others.


Dr. Kaslow is on the editorial board or consulting editor to more than twenty journals. She has authored or edited over thirty books and written more than a hundred and fifty articles. She is a series editor for Brunner/Mazel and John Wiley & Sons, and the only professional to have a regular series on the Voice of America.

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